Barnstead Adventure Zone


The Barnstead Adventure Zone Mission Statement

The Barnstead Adventure Zone seeks to create an academically rich environment that fosters individual growth, teamwork, and a sense of belonging through after school programming.

Through a variety of club-based activities, students are provided ample opportunities to expand their skills, knowledge, and abilities. Not only do we aim to increase academic success and foster critical thinking skills, but we also value each student’s individuality and exposure to diverse social experiences. We believe that teaching students to value positive peer relationships, respect for others and oneself, safety, personal responsibility, and positive self-esteem is an essential component to developing youth who will effectively contribute to leadership in our community. 

BAZ, the Barnstead Adventure Zone After School Program, offers kids the opportunity to grow, not only academically but socially. Our clubs give kids the critical thinking skills necessary in today’s competitive world. Kids have the ability to really connect with staff as well as peers in a judgment free zone! BAZ is a safe place for kids to develop responsibility and respect for their families and friends and the environment.  Our goals include raising academic achievement, engaging families in school and bringing school and community together.  ​